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What's New DriveWorks 10

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DriveWorks Solo 10 includes many enhancements and improvements that will increase productivity and enhance the user experience.


Due to an update in SOLIDWORKS 2013 it is no longer possible to have more than one DriveWorks Add-In loaded in SOLIDWORKS at any one time.

Form Designer Enhancements

  • Control Tree.
  • Label formatting.
  • Text Wrapping Support.
  • User form control Tooltips.
  • Filtering.

Please see Form Designer What's New for details.

Drawing Rules

  • Drawing and Model Rules are now incorporated together.
  • Component Identification

Please see Drawing Rules What's New for details.

Create Variables From The Rules Builder

  • Create and Edit Variables Directly from the Rule Builder.
  • Extract Variable.
  • Replace in all Rules.

Please see Create Variables From The Rules Builder What's New for details.