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DriveWorks Solo 22
Service Pack 4

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This section details all enhancements and fixes that have been included in service pack 4 of DriveWorks Solo


Filtering added to the dimensions and features tab of the SOLIDWORKS add-in.

Helix feature definition and support added. See Curve for more information

Warning added to Rules builder UI to indicate when character limit is reached.

General Fixes


  1. Fix for drawings that contain component references across different levels in an assembly.
  2. Fix for drawings that contain duplicate annotation references.
  3. Work around for issue with certain file formats failing to save.
  4. SOLIDWORKS Integration - New icon for unknown feature.
  5. Fix for On Demand replacing a component in two or more distinct sub-assemblies with the same component
  6. Safely handled the scenario where an uncaptured sheet is deleted from a drawing which had views captured
  7. Disable delete button when appropriate in Annotation Positions pane
  8. Work around for sketch of a Structural Member becoming visible after changing its profile path
  9. Handled exceptions that occur during model generation preparation.
  10. Better handling of problems during model generation

Project Designer

  1. Simple Table -Scrollbar behavior improvement
  2. Tables grid view now support keyboard shortcuts
    1. move active cell with the enter and tab keys
    2. Ctrl + A to select all
    3. Shift + arrow keys now multi-select
    4. PageUp and PageDown - Vertical scroll
  3. Fix for creation of something from  a template when file path includes & symbol.
  4. Improved support for pasting data from Microsoft Excel
  5. Mutli-selecting form controls now merges common values in the property grid correctly (displays as blank)
  6. Ampersand can now be seen on form controls such as labels
  7. RulesBuilder - Set the comment text box to have a vertical scroll bar when required
  8. New Project Wizard - Now adds created projects to the recent project list
  9. Clicking top left cell of a simple table grid now highlights the entire range
  10. The default property on a check box is now correctly set.
  11. In a simple table pressing a key other than alpha-numeric allows cell edit.
  12. Prevented context menu item "Set column Width" from appearing when selecting a row
  13. Captured instances now show red when the instance has been removed from the actual model - allowing un-capture of instance.
  14. Change to generation report entry when scale values are not specified.
  15. Removed "Select Children" and "Deselect Children" from the context menus when not applicable
  16. Reporting improvements for drawing values.
  17. Reliability fixes when multiple .NET applications are added into SOLIDWORKS.
  18. Fixed issues relating to the DriveWorks add-in in SOLIDWORKS being resized.
  19. Fix for relative html files being loaded into a picture box control.
  20. Fixed issues when capturing/un-capturing components that are already captured elsewhere in the group
  21. Added help link support in rules builder
  22. Fix for multiple dummies in an assembly being driven to the same part using OnDemand
  23. Added ability to un-capture a child component and promote it to top level
  24. Instances now show components tab in Rules Builder.
  25. Linking to help file topics implemented throughout
  26. Fix for eDrawing HTML export

Error Handling

  1. Personal details can now be sent with report as well as a user written summary. Email link also fixed.
  2. Protected memory problems that occurs in SOLIDWORKS are now reported using DriveWorks reporting mechanism