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How To: Create A Cut Down Project (KB17092602)

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How To: Create A Cut Down Project

This document provides information on how to create a cut down Project to help diagnose the issues with your Project

It is highly recommended that a backup be taken of any data that is being used so that it can be restored to its original state in the event of any issues that could occur.

Backup the Data

When making a Cut Down Project it is essential a backup is taken to ensure the data can be restored if needed. See How To: Backup a Project.

What is a Cut Down Project

A cut down project is a project that you create with the aim of just providing the data required to try and resolve the problem.

An example would be a project where a Model wasn’t generating in a project with large amounts of other data being produced such as documentation (Drawings, emails, etc…) that is not needed to try and help resolve the issue.

By creating a cut down project you remove the unnecessary data, giving a more focused project on the issue. Therefore, in this example you would create a group with just the Models and Model Rules captured.

Why Make one

The aim of creating a cut down project is to help yourselves and the people offering you technical support to resolve your problem quicker by only sending them the information that they need to investigate the problem; Hopefully reducing the time it takes to understand and resolve your project.

When working through the problem-solving process sometimes you will find that you need more captured information than you had originally selected and this is okay. Adding captured data to the project one section at a time until you have a project that replicates the problem without having excess Data is the aim of making a Cut Down Project

By breaking down the problem you are eliminating the various possibilities one at a time. This methodical problem solving method should help you, your reseller and us here at DriveWorks to resolve your issue faster.

Making a Cut Down Project

Making a Cut Down Project

  1. Selected all of the Data and Files that are currently associated with your DriveWorks Solo Project. Zip this up and place this in a new file location, this will be your backup. Once you have created a cut down you should restore this inside of the original file location to ensure no references are lost.
    Unzip the Package you have just created to ensure that all of the required data has been captured
  2. This is your first Backup of your Project that you can roll back too. Any time you delete Data and test, take a new Backup.
  3. Delete any unnecessary captured information and any outputs not needed to make your Cut Down Project focused on the perceived issue.
  4. Run the project and take note of the outcome.
    • If it runs correctly, you know the issue lies somewhere within the Data you have removed from the project and rolling back to the newest backup where the project does not work correctly gives you your Cut Down Project with the issue.
    • If the project fails to run you know you want to keep cutting things from the project until it runs correctly; Taking a backup each time. This is so when you get a working project you can more easily narrow down the issue. This is done by comparing the last back up with the project not working to the project that works using the technique spot the difference.
  5. A zip file of your cut down Project can now be created. With this more focused Project you and other technical help should find it easier to solve your issue.
Knowledge Base Article Ref:KB17092602