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DriveWorks Solo 22
Bug Fixes

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This section details all fixes to existing functionality and minor improvements to usability.


8832Changing the height of a Slider control will move its position up.
9164No warning given when closing the application during a specification.
12861Replacement files will not replace when the name contains a full stop.
13269The function SIGN returns 1 for 0.
13276The function TEXTFORMAT does not format hexadecimal values.
13277Deleting a feature folder that contains a part that cannot be deleted causes SOLIDWORKS to crash.
13279Using <ReplaceFile> without file extension causes the application to crash.
13318Image files generated from a SOLIDWORKS model are not zoomed to fit prior to exporting.
13331Installer provides unnecessary feature options.
13371DXF Relative Path parameter does not work if folder does not exist.
13381Selecting controls and switching forms will cause a crash when using Form Design.
13383Filter in the SOLIDWORKS Capture Assistant does not work.
13390Indirect functions will stop calculating under certain circumstances.
13407Text function does not work with numbers less than 1.
13511Replacement models duplicate when refresh is clicked in the SOLIDWORKS Capture Assistant.
13526The Rules Builder constantly displays "Calculating Value" when no rule is applied.
13547Drawing dimension positions are not driven during preview.
13580The Save button is disabled after editing a table or document.
13587The Text function freezes when given an invalid number.
13596Infinite values and dividing by zero does not display #value message.
13602Weld symbols that use pipe delimited values are not driven.
13682File Name rules using < and > operators cause unexpected results.
13728Multi-selecting controls, from different forms (using the control tree), and then deleting will cause the application to crash under certain circumstances.
DriveWorks Task Identification - A bug or accepted enhancement request is assigned a DriveWorks Task Identification to enable tracking of the item.