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DriveWorks Solo 22
Mold Features

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Mold Features

This document describes the types of rules that can be applied to models that have advanced feature parameters captured.

Driving advanced feature dimensions increases model generation time. Where possible capture feature dimensions (distances, numbers and angles) as dimensions rather than an advanced feature parameter.

During model generation captured dimensions are driven before captured advanced feature parameters. If the advanced feature parameter has also been captured as a dimension the value being driven into the advanced feature parameter will override the captured dimension.


Parting Line

AngleAngleSets the draft angle for the parting line
CoreCavitySplitTrue/FalseSets the parting line to define the core/cavity split
PullDirectionTrue/FalseReverse the pull direction
SplitFacesTrue/FalseSet the parting line to split straddle faces and enable the SplitFacesOption

One of the following values:



Set the parting line to split faces straddle faces at the transition between positive and negative draft

Set the parting line to split straddle faces at the specified draft angle