DriveWorks Solo 15: Captured Assembly Structure [send feedback...]


The captured assembly structure section enables you to choose the subassemblies and parts, which belong to a captured assembly, which should also be captured.

Assembly Structure
If you have a large assembly structure, you can use the search box to filter the tree.
You can double click on a part or assembly in the tree to open it in SOLIDWORKS.
Any suppressed or lightweight components will be shown in dark gray. Because they are not loaded into memory, DriveWorks Solo can't access any information about them or their children.

Capturing Models

To capture a model, simply check the box next to it in the assembly tree.

Uncapturing Models

To uncapture a model, uncheck the box next to it in the assembly tree, you will be asked to confirm whether you really want to uncapture the model.

If you uncapture a model, and it or any of its children are not used elsewhere, and then save your project - the action cannot be undone. Furthermore, if you have already created any rules for the uncaptured model, then they will be lost. Before uncapturing a model, you may wish to make a copy of your project.

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