DriveWorks Solo 17: How To: Drive the Texture of a Part [send feedback...]


DriveWorks Solo provides the ability to drive a model's texture. To do this, create and capture a custom property in the model called "DWTexture", for more information have a look at the Custom Properties help topic.

The result of the rule for the DWTexture custom property should take the form:


For example:


Will result in the Plastic texture, which is located on the network, being applied at a scale of 80% and a rotation of 90 degrees.

SOLIDWORKS textures are ordinarily installed a folder inside the SOLIDWORKS install directory called "SOLIDWORKS\data\Images\textures"


C:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS 2009\SOLIDWORKS\data\Images\textures

Because the SOLIDWORKS installation directory can be different on different machines, SOLIDWORKS provides a location-independent way to refer to the textures folder, e.g.:


Will result in the standard SOLIDWORKS Rustic Brick texture being applied at a scale of 80% and a rotation of 90 degrees.

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