DriveWorks Solo 17: SumTableColumn [send feedback...]


SumTableColumn( [ Table or Table Name], [ Column Index Number] )

Number1, Number2, Number n, are the numbers or references to numbers, that you want to find the sum of.

There can be 1 to 255 Numbers in any one SUM Function.

The SUM function, when calculated, adds all of the specified numbers together and returns the result.



SumTableColumn(DWLookupData,2)Will add all the values in column 2 of the Data table.


The name of any table added to DriveWorks will be DWLookup followed by the name of the table as it appears in the define tables task.

DriveWorks also treats Child Specification List controls as tables. To refer to this type of table use DWSubResults followed by the name of the Child Specification list control.

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