DriveWorks Solo 17: ColorHex [send feedback...]


Returns a hexadecimal color value from the specified red, green, blue and opacity values. Suitable for use with DriveWorks User Forms.


ColorHex([ Red],[ Green],[ Blue],[Opacity])

Constructs a hexadecimal color value from RGB values.

Red, Green and Blue are values from 0 to 255 (inclusive).

Opacity (optional) is a value from 0 to 255 (inclusive) representing how opaque the color should be. 0 being totally transparent and 255 meaning fully opaque. If omitted the opacity is set to 255 by default.

Forms and form controls use hexadecimal values to alter the displayed color.



ColorHex(255, 255, 255)Returns: #FFFFFF
ColorHex(DWVariableRed,DWVariableGreen,DWVariableBlue,20)Returns the hexadecimal equivalent from the results of the Variables Red, Green and Blue with an Opacity of 20

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