DriveWorks Solo 17: TableDistinct [send feedback...]


Eliminates non-distinct values in the table.


TableDistinct( [Table], [ Column Index ], )

Table is the table that is to be filtered.

Column Index is the column number the Condition is to be applied to.



TableDistinct(DwLookup Items, 2)

Filters the table to show only the distinct values from column 2 (Width), of the Items table (below). Will result in:

{"Item","Width","Position","Cost";"Single Drawer Unit","600","Rear Wall","330";"Double Drawer Unit","900","Rear Wall","495";"Double Cupboard with Drawer","1200","Left Wall","600"}

Sample Data Table

Items Table

Single Drawer Unit600Rear Wall330
Double Drawer Unit900Rear Wall495
Single Cupboard Full600Rear Wall280
Double Cupboard Full900Rear Wall440
Single Cupboard with Drawer600Left Wall300
Double Cupboard with Drawer1200Left Wall600
Cupboard Left Drawer Right1200Left Wall610
Cupboard Right Drawer Left1200Left Wall610
Single Cupboard with Drawer600Right Wall300
Double Cupboard with Drawer1200Right Wall600
Cupboard Left Drawer Right1200Right Wall610
Cupboard Right Drawer Left1200Right Wall610

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