DriveWorks Solo 17: FsFileExists [send feedback...]


Returns TRUE if the specified file location exists. FALSE is returned if it does not.

An error string is returned if there are any problems checking for existence.


FsFileExists( [File Location] )

File Location is the file location to check. If a full path is not specified the function will check for the location relative to where the project is stored.



FsFileExists(" E:\DriveWorks\DataSheets\Product.pdf")Will check to see if the file E:\DriveWorks\DataSheets\Product.pdf exists and return True if so.
FsFileExists(" \\DRIVEWORKS-DATA\Specifications\" & OrderNumberReturn & "\Quote.doc")Will check to see if the file \\DRIVEWORKS-DATA\Specifications, combined with the result of the control OrderNumberReturn and \Quote.doc, exists and return True if so.

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