DriveWorks Solo 17: ChooseFrom [send feedback...]


CHOOSEFROM( [Input] , [ Default Value] , [ InputValue1] , [ Value1] , [ InputValue2], [ Value2] , [ InputValue3] , [ Value3] )

Provides conversion functionality by selecting a value based on a match found with an input value. If no match is found the specified default value is returned.

Input is the value or reference to a value that specifies which value argument to select

Default Value is the value to return when no InputValue is found

InputValue1, InputValue2, InputValueN is a value being returned from the Input

Value1, Value2, ValueN is the value to return when the corresponding InputValue is returned

InputValue and Value arguments work in pairs.




Returns 0|0|0 when the Color control is not Red, Blue or White

Returns 255|0|0 when the Color control is Red

Returns 0|0|255 when the Color control is Blue

Returns 255|255|255 when the Color control is White

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