DriveWorks Solo 17: Max [send feedback...]


MAX( [ Number1], [ Number2], [ Number n] )

Number1, Number2, Number n, are numbers or references to a number, that you want to find the maximum value of.

There can be 1 to 255 numbers in any one MAX function.

The MAX function, when calculated, will return the largest value from the set of numbers supplied.

If no numbers are entered then the MAX function will return 0.



MAX(Part1CostTextBoxReturn, Part2CostTextBoxReturn,Part3CostTextBoxReturn)Checks the return values of the Part1CostTextBox, Part2CostTextBox and Part3CostTextBox. Which ever value is the largest will be returned from the MAX function.

Example Outcomes

Part1CostTextBoxReturn Value

Part2CostTextBoxReturn Value

Part3CostTextBoxReturn Value

Result of the MAX function


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