DriveWorks Solo 17: Concatenate [send feedback...]


CONCATENATE( [ String1], [ String2], [ String n] )

String1, String2, String n, are text strings or references to the text strings, that you want to join together.

There can be 1 to 255 Strings in any one CONCATENATE Function.

The CONCATENATE function, when calculated, joins together, with no spaces, all of the specified strings into one string.



CONCATENATE(TitleTextBoxReturn, FirstNameTextBoxReturn, SurnameTextBoxReturn)The CONCATENATE function joins the return values of the TitleTextBox, the FirstNameTextBox, and the SurnameTextBox together, into one string.

Example Outcomes

TitleTextBoxReturn Value

FirstNameTextBoxReturn Value

SurnameTextBoxReturn Value

Result of the CONCATENATE function


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