DriveWorks Solo 17: TableSort [send feedback...]


Returns a table sorted on the given column.

The TableSort function will return a table array with the values sorted on the given column.


TableSort(Table or Table Name As Object, Column As Double, Has Headers As Boolean, Sort Ascending As Boolean) As Object


Table or Table Name is a Table array (such as the data in a standard table).

Column is the column on which to base the sort. Number starting at 1 for the first column.

Has Headers is TRUE will treat the first row as headers (therefore exclude from the sort). FALSE will sort the entire table (including the first row).

Sort Ascending is TRUE to to sort in ascending order, FALSE to sort in descending order.


ListAll(TableSort(DwTableName,2,FALSE), 3)Will list all data from the third column of the array returned by the SortTable function.

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