DriveWorks Solo 17: Captured Models [send feedback...]


The Captured Models section shows all of the models which have been captured in the currently open project.


You can right click any captured model to see options to expand/contract its children.

Capturing a New Model

To capture a new model, simply:

  • Open the part or assembly in SOLIDWORKS
  • Click the Action Link which appears at the top and asks you to capture the active model

Removing an Existing Model

To remove an existing model:

  1. From the DriveWorks Capture Assistant select Captured Assembly Structure
  2. Right Click the component to be uncaptured
  3. Select Uncapture Children

The warning message below will be displayed:

Select the following from the message:

  • Cancel - to cancel the uncapture
  • Yes - to uncapture the component and remove all captured information from the group
  • No - to uncapture the component but preserve all captured information in the group
    Preserving all captured information allows a model to be recaptured and have all captured information restored.

    This allows, for example, a sub-assembly to be removed from an assembly and recaptured outside of the existing assembly structure.

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